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Jocelyn (The Reading World)

I love to read and can get very attached to my opinions, but recently I've been learning not to completely lose my head when people disagree with me, so feel safe to argue with me whenever you wish ;) 



I'm getting back on track with reading. With the exception of Little Dorrit, I haven't put this on my currently reading shelf on either Goodreads or BookLikes, but I'm currently rereading the Harry Potter series, rereading the Ladies of Grace Adieu, rereading North and South and hope to start on Ivanhoe sometime soon.


It's the first time I've realized that being a reader needs passion to fuel it, and that's just something I don't have right now. I don't know why. I think I still enjoy reading, but everything about it to me exists in a sort of perpetual meh. Perhaps something along the way will come and inspire me--I still remember times when literature seemed vibrant and alive, and remember the people that made it like that for me.


On the other hand, I love my new school, I've come to enjoy playing piano a lot more than I used to and I have a hilarious time watching parodies of Let It Go.