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The Truth-Teller's Tale

The Truth-Teller's Tale - Sharon Shinn

Quick and comforting read, cool concept, and cute romance. I have to say that I find the "you're secretly in love with me but you won't admit it" a really patronizing trope, especially when the female main character is dealing with entirely reasonable past issues of mistrust. The relationship between sisters is sweet though, and I loved that their loyalty to each other was held to the same importance as the romance.

Setting is standard medieval Europe, but set in the outskirts with a small-town feel (Eleda and Adele are the daughters of an innkeeper). Eleda's voice reminds me of Calpurnia Tate, in that it treats the everyday as something whimsical, which makes for entertaining reading for details that might otherwise have been dully cliche. I actually enjoyed listening to Eleda describe how she washed dishes! And the walks through the town during holiday festivals, with acrobats and food stands and theaters, were fun.