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I love to read and can get very attached to my opinions, but recently I've been learning not to completely lose my head when people disagree with me, so feel safe to argue with me whenever you wish ;) 


Ugh, don't know what to do

Black Wolves - Kate Elliott

Dilemma, dilemma. I bought a copy of this yesterday. However, the novel I really want to read at the moment is Guy Gavriel Kay's Under Heaven. That I do not have a copy of because of my nearest Barnes Nobles shrinking its fantasy shelves by half for no fathomable reason whatsoever. I have a deep suspicion that this is an excellent book and am excited to dig into it, however, I'm also afraid that I won't do it justice if I'm inwardly yearning for something else. The problem is that this is the only meaty-looking epic fantasy I have on hand right now. Should I throttle my impatience, wait to get Under Heaven, and read it so I can appreciate Elliott's work afterwards to its full extent? Or should I just dive in anyway for the sake of convenience?

What to do, what to do.