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Kind of random thought, but...

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So...I was re-watching one of my sort-of-favorite Chinese dramas and I thought, wouldn't it be awesome to have a female version of one of the male characters? Confident, witty, arrogant but also sensitive, capable as a soldier, with a dry sense of humor AND MOST IMPORTANTLY perfectly comfortable with chasing after her romantic interests in a way the audience can cheer for. 'Cause that would be amazing.


P.S. I'm just getting sick of female characters who always feel so inferior to the men they love, or they're always getting crazy with jealousy, or breaking down under emotional stress because women are just THAT weak, with an absurdly low level of self-esteem that seems to come out of nowhere. By the way, this isn't limited to Chinese dramas, I see this all the time in literature too. Not only do I, as a female audience, find this terribly insulting, I also find it terribly BORING and PREDICTABLE.